Bed Sheets

Buying bed sheets for your is a significant investment that should not be taken lightly. Before buying you have to know bedding size you want. Bed sheets come in different sizes ranging from king size, double, XL twin to twin bed sheets. Knowing you mattress size will help you decide whether your need standard or deep pockets type of sheets. Texture, weave, and color are also guiding factors when buying bed sheets.

Factors to consider when purchasing new bedding for your bedroom

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You can avoid frustrations of buying the wrong fitted sheet by measuring your mattress height. Measure using a standard tape measure and note it on a piece of paper. Standard fitted bed sheets have between twelve and fourteen inches size of the pocket. A deep pocket, on the other hand, has between fifteen and twenty-two inches size pocket. Check the pocket size on the bed sheet label to ensure it matches your mattress size to avoid erroneous purchase.

Thread count of the bed sheet

Sheets have different thread counts depending on the material used to make them. A ply made of cotton with threads greater than two hundred and fifty sustains longer tear and wear and look good even when washed for long. Step ups on the thread count make the bedsheet softer. Cotton sheets are the most durable and softest available. Polyester, silk, and bamboo are also silky and smooth and can alternative for cotton. With more thread counts they are wrinkle-free.

Bed sheets weave

The most luxurious weave of bed sheets is damask and jacquard which normally have a variety of patterns and stripes that are good decoration styles. Weaves of sateen and matte can also create stripes that will bring out mute or shine in the décor of your room. Other weaves like solid sateen, pinpoint and percale weaves also provide a wide range from which you can choose.


The texture of the sheet you buy can change your bed from ordinary to extraordinary. Silken, soft sheets that have a high thread count provide hours of rest and comfort without rubbing like sheets with low thread count. The texture of your sheet is vital for a restful sleep, and this texture can be provided by bed sheets that have a high thread count.

Bed sheet color

Highlighting and matching cbedsheetscolordsasfghfjkhljjhgfdolors in your bedroom with the bed sheets will bring out your room’s theme and give coolness with bedding. Having a burgundy cover with lighter sheets, for example, complements the decorating theme of your room. The color of bed sheets in many varieties and enhances the room.

Your bedroom and bed will be at its best with the best bed sheet on the bed. Use this bed sheet buying guide to help you get the right bed sheets